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Cypress Oil
Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Cypress Oil
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers

Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
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Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
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Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
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Cypress oil (Cupressus sempervirens)

Cypress oil
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers

Origin of Cypress essential oil :
Originated from the East, native to turkey and India and now mostly found in gardens and cemetries in the Mediterranean region. It is an evergreen tree with dark green foliage, small flowers and round brown-gray cones with seed nuts inside. Its appearance adds serenity and timeless grace wherever it is planted.

Description of Cypress essential :
The tree is a perennial tree, conical-shaped about 28 meters (80 feet) high, tiny dark green leaves, having male and female cones. Cypress oil has a woody, slightly spicy and refreshing masculine smell. The oil is colorless to very pale yellow in color and watery in viscosity.

Natural Cosmetic Suppliers

Appearance: Liquid

Aroma : : Sweet, balsamic and spicy. It has a very pleasant evergreen aroma, smoky, woody, dry and slightly nutty

ColorPale yellow

Chemical constituents: It contains volatile oil and tannins.

Extraction: Steam distillation of needles

Aromatherapy uses :
It helps in purifying, warming, supports eliminating excessive fluids and concentration which seems to be helpful in enhancing, reviving, restorative, comforting and protective a great oil for times of grief and difficult transitions. The therapeutic properties of cypress oil are astringent, antiseptic, vasoconstrictor, antispasmodic, deodorant, diuretic, deodorant, haemostatic, hepatic, respiratory tonic and sedative. Cypress oil has a calming and soothing effect on the irritable, angry and stressed-out person.

Pharmaceutical uses :
It is beneficial in conditions of excess fluid such as bleeding, nosebleeds, heavy menstruation, heavy perspiration, cough and bronchitis, haemorrhages and fluid retention. Furthermore, cypress oil helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, helps to ease arthritis and rheumatic pain and it is also beneficial to oily as well as congested skin and wounds. It acts as an antiperspirant and as massaging for abdominal pains.

It is used in making perfumes, also add fragrance to skin care products, provides aid relaxation and to clear congested air passage. Cypress essential oil is mostly used in blending with Rose essential oil for a blend that assists in grieving and outgrowing sadness and use in a diffuser or as a massage blend. It can be added with 9 drops of Aromaland's Toning, Theratone or Theraclear Blends (which contain Cypress) to 1oz. of unscented body care product. It mixes well with Cedarwood & Pine, Mandarin & Orange, Sandalwood, Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Juniper, Rose, Jasmine, Cardamom and many more.It is mainly used in many Men's colognes and aftershaves. Also used as purifying incense by the Tibetans.

Flavor industry :
Cypress oil mostly used in flavor industry in making following flavoured food items:

Butters and Waxes
bees Wax (White) Pastilles Cocoa Butter (Deodorized) Cocoa Butter (Natural)
Emulsifying Wax Jojoba Wax Flakes Lanolin Anhyrous
Mango Butter Orange Peel Wax Palm Kernel Flakes
Shea Butter Refined (white) Shea Butter Unrefined (dark) Stearic Acid

Cosmetics and Toiletries :
Cypress Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils can also be used in soap making ingredients, lotions, massage oils, diffusers, potpourri, scent, air fresheners, body fragrance, perfume oils, aromatherapy products, bath oils, towel scenting, spa's, incense, light rings, laundry, facial steams, hair treatments and more.

Used in cosmetics, it reduces excessive sweating and overly oily complexion as well as in the hair. It is an antidepressant and can increase mental energy, attentiveness and reduce drowsiness and irritability.

Floral water application
The Floral Water is 100% pure and free from any preservatives, alcohols or emulsifying agents. Each of these Floral Waters can be added to a bath, added to the manufacturing process in place of normal water, used as a deodorant, facial spritzers, room sprays, linen sprays and for direct application to the skin, as a cooling agent, in saunas, in hair care applications, as a fragrance or for massage.

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