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Verbena Oil
Specialize in manufacturing and supplying an array of Verbena Oil
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers

Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
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Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
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Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
Natural Cosmetic Suppliers Natural Cosmetic Suppliers
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Verbena oil (Aloysia Triphylla)

Verbena  oil
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Origin of Verbena essential oil:
It is a native of Chile and Argentina, it is now cultivated in the Mediterranean region - France, Tunisia, Algeria and India. The essential oil is from the harvested herb, and is produced mainly in southern France and North Africas named after Marie Louisa, Princess of Parma. Lemon verbena oil must not be mistaken with "Spanish verbena", also referred to by some as "verbena oil", or with Verbena officinalis, which refers to the herb Vervain.

Natural Cosmetic Suppliers

Description of Verbena essential:
It is a deciduous, perennial shrub that grows up to 5 meters (16 feet) in height and has a woody stem, very fragrant, delicate, pale green leaves and small purple flowers. Often grown as an ornamental bush in gardens, the uses of lemon verbena are similar to those of mint, orange flowers and melissa.

Appearance : Liquid

Aroma : Sweet, Fresh, Lemony, Fruity-floral, Fragrance

Color : A pale olive or yellow

Chemical constituents: Verbena oil has various chemical compounds that include borneol, geraniol, linalool, nerol, citral, dipentene, limonene and myrcene.

Extraction: Lemon verbena oil is extracted from the freshly harvested leaves by steam distillation.

Aromatherapy uses:
verbena pure essential oil helps to ease exhaustion, relieve anxiety, boost concentration, a very strong antibacterial, antiseptic and antispasmodic effects.

Pharmaceutical Uses:
In the digestive system, lemon verbena oil helps with cramps, indigestion and liver congestion and is helpful to restore the liver after a binge and when suffering from a hangover. The stimulant action on the digestive system helps to digest fats and the excellent action on the liver helps in cases of cirrhosis as well as alcoholism. It soothes the respiratory tract and calms heart palpitations. The calming action of the oil helps in sexual problems. Lemon verbena oil helps to reduce depression and relaxes as well as refreshes the body and mind, while uplifting the spirits and promoting stress control.

Cosmetics and Toiletries:
This oil helps with nervous conditions, especially those that manifest as digestive complaints and is a wonderful liver tonic, while it has a softening effect on the skin and help to reduce puffiness as well. It is used as:

Burners and vaporizers :
In vapor therapy lemon verbena oil can be used for nervous conditions, when trying to deal with stress or when feeling down and depressed.

Blended massage oil or in the bath : As a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, lemon verbena oil can help with digestive problems and is a boost for liver functions, insomnia and the nervous system, helping to ease respiratory problems, such as bronchitis and sinus congestion. It is also used to tone the skin. It helps in the possible sensitization of the skin when added to bath or massage blend.

Cream or lotion :
In a cream or lotion it can help to reduce puffiness and soften the skin, but use with care as it can sensitize the skin and cause phototoxicity. It has a good preservative properties used in shampoos and active deodrants.

It also act as a natural insect repellent. A 20% solution was found to be effective against anopheles mosquitoes. It has good repellency power and remained effective for four hours for at least 50% of the insects. This is a good result for verbena oil.

Verbena can be used as fragrance raw material as the odour has been described being a strong, pleasant and lemony odour with a delightful fresh rosy tone and is extensively used for perfumery formulation. Verbena Petal oil has a refined and fresh fragrance. It fights skin ageing, has a visible anti-wrinkle effect and is a strong anti-oxidant. Various magical qualities have always been assigned to verbena, it is one of the 12 plants honoured by the "Rosenkreizer" order for its healing powers. It has a purifying effect, improves vitality and gives way to elevated thoughts.

Lemon verbena leaves are used to add a lemony flavor to fish and poultry dishes, vegetable marinades, salad dressings, jams, puddings, and beverages. It also is used to make herbal teas and can make a refreshing sorbet. In addition, it has anti-candida albicans activity. Herbal teas of verbena are called Tisanes which can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds or roots of verbena. It can be made generally by pouring boiling water over the plant parts and letting them steep for a few minutes. Seeds and roots can also be boiled on a stove. The tisane is then strained, sweetened if so desired and served. The tea has been used as a herbal remedy for insomnia at night and for general ailments during the day.

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